Your social media likes don't pay the bills

Last week I attended the fabulous Social Day Conference and one of the things that emerged from the talks is that likes don’t pay the bills. Those vanity metrics that we love so much, likes on our posts, comments and shares essentially don’t pay our bills. It’s clients and customer that pay our bills.

So how do we turn those likers in payers? How do we convert people who love us on Facebook and Instagram into people who help us put food on the table and pay our bills?


Well a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on Pirate Metrics and how creating a strategy can help you to convert these fans into customers. The first stage of this strategy is about attracting attention, through gaining their awareness on social media.

The second stage is what I want to delve into in this post – Acquisition!

This is the stage where you’ve attracted their attention on social or via google and now you want to have your first transaction with your potential customers. And we’re not yet talking about money – oh no!

This stage is where we exchange something of value with them for their email address. As we know email is still the biggest sales driver. So, converting your likers into people on your email address is key.

This is where you can build trust, gives tons of value and let them know about new offers and products you’ve got coming up.

(And we know with GDPR that you need to let them know you’re going to market to them, so we’ll just let that one hang here for a while!)

So what can you create that is of value to your potential customers?

It could be a free course – like my free 5-day Facebook mini-course that helps my tribe understand how to uses Facebook organically to build an audience.

It could be a printable, a downloadable pdf, a free meditation mp4. Something that is of enough value so that you can start to see your list grow, and give value to your audience.

But here’s something excited I’ve just started working on that I wanted to share with you…

Your Social Media Likes Don't Pay The Bills.jpg


Now I know that my target audience is female. And I know from my own experience that I love quizzes. I did them as a child in teenage magazines, and I still do them now in Psychologies magazine.

It’s the reason I started working with my very expensive Californian coach back in the day. She had a quiz on her website. It gave me such insight into my personality and was followed up by emails that gave me, even more, insight and advice that when I got on the phone with her, I just had to work with her. So, I know how powerful they can be.

Now I believe that things happen for a reason and I’ve been thinking about creating quizzes for a long time. So when interact, a quiz company got in touch with me I had to go for it.

So I’ve created my own quiz on my site helping you understand ‘How strong is your business branding?’. Take a look here. I’d love you to take 3 minutes of your time to go through it and let me know what you think?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be developing an email sequence, which I’ll talk you through. It will have advice for each brand personality to help you on your way to build successful businesses. But for now, you can just do the quiz and see your results!

If you love this idea and can see it working for your business, check out interact here. They’re easy to create and an interactive way for to you to give really detailed advice to your audience, proving you have the skills and products to help them with whatever it is they’re struggling with.

Go create your lead capture people! Get quizzing!

Want to create your own quiz?

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