Are your periods affecting your social media marketing?


I wanted to discuss some thoughts have been rolling around in my head recently. I wondered if you've been noticing a similar thing? Now I've been doing this for a long time now - being on social media and being visible. 

It dawned on me that there are definite periods when I feel like I've got loads of things to say and I want to come on to my social platforms regularly; I'm creating Instagram posts and I'm putting out lots of content. The blogs are flowing and I'm doing lives and it feels natural and that I'm enjoying the process of being on social media.

But there are definitely other times when I feel like I don't have anything to say, or I don't have any kind of joy for it. 

It’s like I haven't got the energy and it's an uphill struggle to be active on social media. It can feel really pressured and that I have to go out there and create content, and it can feel a little bit half-hearted.

Suddenly I had a lightbulb moment: maybe it's my periods affecting my business?

In those periods when I feel like I've got lots to say and I'm in the right space, that’s the time when I need to be creating more content than I would normally. I’ve been thinking I could maybe hold some of those posts back so when I'm in that ‘dip’ - when my estrogen is doing a massive nosedive and I just want to hole up on the sofa under a blanket - I've got things in the bag that I can post.


Now I'm not really one for scheduling content in advance - I know that some people like that and that it works for them because they like some more structure to their social media. So, if you do schedule some social media content for when you are feeling a little down, don't have it all going out in a small period and then have nothing to say for ages.

The way I use social media is based on conversations I've had, the places I’ve been, the things I have bounced off others. And so I'm realizing that I need to harness those moments when I feel really inspired and create lots of content.

Have you noticed that you have absent times on social, when you feel like you want to be visible and then you feel like you perhaps don’t?