3 ways to be more consistent with social media

Showing up regularly and consistently with your social media is important, it helps with that all know, like, trust factor that people need before they buy from you. However I see people tie themselves up in knots over this, so I’m hoping this will help!

1.      Think like Vogue

The editors at Vogue are not running around like headless chickens every month wondering what to put into Vogue. They have a set format for each publication.

There will be an Editors letter, a round-up of the hottest catwalks, a beauty article, something about arts and lifestyle, a news article, a film and book section.

Think about the sections of your business and the stories that you can tell. Do you write a blog, go live on Facebook, talk about behind the scenes?

3 ways to be more consistent with social media.png

Once you’ve got your sections, draw a monthly calendar on a big piece of paper or on an excel spreadsheet and drop your sections in.

There now you have a Vogue plan.

It’s much easier to cope with managing your social media if you start thinking in this way. That way you know what’s expected of you each week and you simply have to fill in your sections.

2.      You don’t need to post every day

There is such a confusion about needing to post every day. Unless you’re on twitter (which moves really fast, so posting at least daily is necessary). What you do need to do is create great content that people want to engage with (and by engage I mean, like, comment and share).

I follow so many amazing people who post amazing content weekly and that’s it. And they have tons of fans and likes and followers. So it is simply not true that you have to post every day. If you want to and you enjoy it then go for it. But if you’re doing it because someone told you to in a workshop and you’re overstretched then stop, pull back and look at number 3!

3.      Work out what’s working

We all want to create amazing content that gets people talking and over onto your website, so they can see the amazing things you offer and buy from you.

In the frenzy of feeling like you have to post on social every day people can forget one of the simple rules of marketing. Measurement.

Are you paying attention to what’s working?

Go and check out your social media analytics. All the platforms give you access to insights that will help you learn what’s working and if people are taking actions. Facebook gives the best insights, LinkedIn the worst.


You’ll also want to check out your google analytics. (If you don’t have any google analytics, what are you doing? Go and turn them on now!). These will tell you how you acquire people to your website, (basically where they come from), how long they spend on your site, what pages they go to, where they leave and you can set up goals to measure if they’re doing what you want them to do. So much information here, but well worth taking the time to learn.

By taking these 3 simple steps to create quality and quantity content, map out what you’re going to post and when and the measure what’s working you should feel more confident that you’re in control of your social media marketing. Rather than it controlling you!

Take some time out to plan your social media and use the amazing scheduling tools available so you don’t feel you have to be on it all the time, but make sure you reply to comments – all of them! They are your social media gold!

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