4 Reasons your social media isn’t working and how to fix it

Social media is a great way to build relationships with your customers, let them know about your products and create sales. It can also be a massive time waste and frustrating if you don’t get it right!

Here are 4 reasons your social media might not be working and what you can do about it!

1.      You’re being too salesy

Posting too much about your products can put people off. It’s not very ‘social’. It can get a little boring and I reckon you’ll get bored just posting about your products too.


People don’t like being sold too, and Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t like overly promotional posts, and the rules of Facebook can pretty much be translated to most social media platforms.

Facebook has trigger words it doesn’t like, and so will reduce your reach, so try and avoid word like ‘sale, free, like, buy, share’.

What to do instead?

Instead of trying to sell, think about how you can help people.

Can you give them advice on how to do things? How to make their lives easier. Think about what you want people to think about you when you’re out of the room.

Do you make things? Give people a behind the scenes of how it’s done.

Do you offer a service? Can you give away some of your expertise, so that you become to go to person for advice in your industry.

Think about the 80/20 rule. Only 20% should be selling, so what are you going to use the other 80% for?

2.      Start telling stories

We’re hardwired for stories. We’re nosy creatures and we love a behind the scenes.

What stories can you tell that will engage people with you and get them to see you and your business as a 3-dimensional character.

We all buy from brands we know like and trust, so how can you help people know like and trust you?

How did your start your business? What’s your greatest fear? Tell me about when you were working with your best client. Show me what’s happening behind the scenes. Demonstrate how you can help me, rather than just telling me you can!

And here’s the thing. Make your customers the Hero of the story. Make the story you are telling about them? Understand what it is they can learn from your story. Put them in the middle. It’s not I, I, I. It’s you, you, you.

A brand that does this really well is Huit Denim – go check them out, they have an amazing story and they sell jeans. They spent £0 on advertising and ended up with Meghan Markle wearing their jeans and being sold out for 6 months and their jeans are well over the £100 price point.

3.      There is not enough you in your posts

Where is your face? Are you putting enough of you in your posts? The people who do really well on social media understand that people buy from people.

Showing me tons of pictures of your cakes, is all well and good, they might look lovely. But when I’m going to decide where to buy a cake, I’m going to choose that woman (or man) who I’ve connected with personally, because they do post up the occasional picture of their face.

I can’t connect with a cake. I can connect with your face.

Make sure you’re not completely removed from your own marketing!

4.      You’re posting too often, or not enough


Somebody, somewhere told you that you need to post several times a day on social media to make this all work. So you’re just posting random noise because you don’t want to be forgotten.

Or you’re not posting at all because you fear being found out and everyone pointing at you and saying you’re a loser.

Either way it’s not going to work.

Post too often of stuff that just adds to the noise will turn people off. Calm down, don’t feel the pressure to create content all the time. 2 great things each week on FB, insta and linkedIn works really well.

And if you’re not posting, just do it already. Do you want your business to be a success? You’ve got to get over yourself!

So that are just 4 ways you can improve your social media. I realised I could go on forever, like make sure you reply to all your comments people! Ask your customers questions, get conversations going, let people know how you can help them, be topical, have fun, inspire people, have a little fun with it.

Social is supposed to be fun, it’s all about engaging, connecting, educating and inspiring your audience. How do you get them to love you? That’s the question?

What’s the story behind your business? Why do you what you do?

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