Busting the myths of how often to post on Social Media

I hear so much expert advice about how often you should be posting on social media and the best times to post on social media, and I wanted to bust some of these myths.

So here goes!

Myth: You should be posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter x amount of times a day.


Here’s the deal. The internet is full of noise. If you’ve been told by an expert that you must post 4 times a day on Facebook to have any effect, your brain is going to be going crazy wondering about all the things you could possibly talk about 4 times a day. And let’s be honest here, with that kind of pressure some of it is going to be drivel.

Absolute noise and nonsense.

What we need here is some sense.

Yes, consistency is key. Showing up regularly is important. Don’t do that and you’re going to simply fall off people’s radar and your business might suffer.

But having to keep to a high schedule of every day, or several times a day is going to wear you down.

Did you start your business to post on social media? Or did you start your business to create the things you love, or help the people you love helping?

Social media is just a tool of marketing. It’s not why you get up in the morning.

Here’s the deal. Social media loves conversations. All social media channels love it when you get a conversation going under a post. It’s the same for LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. So, if you can think of 4 conversation generating posts a day, that get your customers and potential customers talking to you, and have the time to respond and engage with each of those comments, then go for it!

But if you can’t, then I’d advise you to go back to the old rule of quality over quantity.

If you post lots of random content, because you feel you have to, and most if it, let’s be honest, isn’t that interesting you could actually hurt your business on social.

If you’re boring your customer with drivel and they keep on scrolling past and not engaging, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn will think they’re not interested in you, and will stop showing them your posts.

So, you could actually hurt your business.

Instead of feeling the pressure of having to post daily or several times a day, think about what great content you could create.

Content that you could create regularly that will get people to know, like and trust you. To believe that you have what it takes to solve their problem.

I have content that I create weekly. This post is one of them. Every Thursday I publish a blog post, it goes out in an email and gives me content for that day on social media.

If I do nothing else, at least one great, well thought out thing goes out each week.


If I have time or I am inspired I might do a tip on a Monday and I might add in a video or if something catches my imagination, or I have something worth saying I might post that too.

So, some weeks I post once a week, sometimes several times. But that’s not because I feel I have to, if I post several times a week it’s because I feel I have something interesting to say.

Now twitter is an anomaly here, because it moves fast, the content is shorter. So, if you wanted to make twitter work you might want to post a few times a day. But even on that channel there are some days where I have nothing to say.

And Instagram stories by their very nature tend to be more, here I am, look what I’m doing, so if you love them you can be quite noisy, and that’s ok on that platform! It’s not such a quality vibe!

The world is so full of noise. Don’t be filling a void because you have to, but because you have something interesting to say (unless it’s twitter or insta stories in which case please do show me your new shoes!)

Less is more people, less is more.

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